MasterPeace Great Minds Meeting

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A platform full of inspiration for leaders on the road to a sustainable world with less armed conflicts.

400 representatives of profit and non–profit organizations, movements and individuals will connect through inspirational dialogues.

The fast changing global and local context in which we operate challenges us in every sector, in every organization and is appealing to people who embrace a broader vision and understanding.

Inspirational Sessions

Vanessa Bassil
MasterPeace Lebanon
Ezekiel Ole Katato
MasterPeace Across Masaailand
Herman von Hebel
International Criminal Court
Craig Bowman
Common Ground Consulting LLC
Herman Wijffels
Utrecht University
Eric Razenberg
Thieme Meulenhoff
Katherine Maher
Wiki Media Foundation
Stef van Grieken
Kai Unzicker
Bertelsmann Stiftung
Farid Tabarki
Studio Zeitgeist
Institute for Environmental Security

The Program

12:00-13:15 h.

Arrival, walking lunch and introductions

13:15-14:30 h.

Plenary with amongst others keynote speaker Sigrid Kaag

14:30-17:30 h.

3 Inspirational sessions

17:30-18:30 h.

Peacebuilding is a verb

18:30-20:00 h.

Networking and Buffet Dinner

Share creativity & ideas
Share products & services
Share exposure & vision
That’s MasterPeace.

The Location

Van Nelle Fabriek